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Songs for all seasons

The Luhya had many songs for people of all ages and both sexes for all occasions. There were songs for young people of both sexes; others for girls only yet others for boys only. There were songs for women and others for men. The songs can further be subdivided to fit the occasion. For instance, were special songs for weddings - to be sung before, during and after the wedding. There were funeral songs, circumcision songs, and songs for birth of twins.

There were special songs for beer parties, as well as for the special dancing festival called omwimo - separate ones for men and for women. The songs differed slightly from place to place, both in instrumentation words and lyrics.

isikuti player
A football fan beating Isikuti (small Luhya drum) and left big drums which besides music, were used as a form of communication. Famous musicians
Music instruments

These are many and varied; there is the drum both large (ingoma), and small (isikuti). The latter is still a favourite in many parts Luhyaland for the lively dance it makes possible. Then there is the harp (obukhana) and the flute and a kind of lyre (eshiriri); there is the litungu which is second only to isikuti in popularity. Then we have, of course, the horn, and also the indongooli, among the most important musical instruments.

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